About Us

Tamarack Lodge Restaurant and Banquet Facility in Eastern CT

John was born and raised in Greenwich Connecticut. His love for trees and landscapes brought him to naturally become an arborist. He’s very meticulous and able to visualize a beautiful end product. John has always been highly recommended by his clients. He has never advertised and had a thriving tree company.

John loves fishing, hunting, and playing the drums. He is a certified small engine mechanic. He is also a certified welder and once owned a rental company in Greenwich known as “Longo Rent-a-Tool”

Valoree was born in the small town of Banning, in southern California. She became a mom at age 15, and the experience made her who she is today; she learned how to survive and to push thru tough times! Being a mom will always be the toughest job!

Today, with two daughters, one stepdaughter, and 7 grandchildren, Valoree looks back and knows it was worth it all.

Valoree and John Longo
Valoree and John Longo are now the proud new owners of Tamarack Lodge in Voluntown, Connecticut!

Valoree worked in real estate in 1986, and by the year 2000, she got her broker license and opened her own firm. When the market crashed, she turned her hobby of breeding Labrador Retrievers into a business. She later went from breeding to boarding dogs of all kinds. It is still today a thriving business, and again, only by word of mouth. Valoree has a love for team roping and running barrels, walking, hiking, and spending time with the grandchildren.

John and Valoree have been together since 1989 and have always dreamed of having a place like Tamarack Lodge. They would often talk about a place of peace for people of all ages — where kids can be kids and learn about the outdoors. A place where couples could come to get married or have their marriage restored — or young adults could come to experience something refreshing.

As someone who looked at Tamarack Lodge five years previously, John could not shake the image of what the future held for Tamarack Lodge!

The property was overpriced for the market. The couple would re-visit it (seemingly every year!) waiting for the price drop — or for them to win the lottery!

Finally, one day they called the real estate agent for Tamarack Lodge, and they were told it was “under contract.” John and Valoree never wanted to hear those words. They figured it was time to move on, and so they did.

They found lake Williams Campground. It didn’t compare to Tamarack, but It would do.

The couple met with the Board of Lake Williams campground, and after that meeting, they felt uncomfortable. They knew they needed to walk away, and they did. John and Valoree had been so sure of it, and they were so ready for a change, that John had already sold all of his arborist equipment.

They were beyond lost…

Just about 24 hours later, a phone call came in from Randy Russ, the agent for Tamarack Lodge, saying,”Hey John, Tamarack is back on the market. Do you have any interest?”

The rest is history!

Now, settling into Voluntown, Connecticut, John and Valoree are so excited, as they are feeling so welcomed by the town!